Bishop Grafton: ‘Greatness of Heart’ - August 22, 2010 - The Living Church

Bishop Grafton: ‘Greatness of Heart’ - August 22, 2010

4 Nigerian Primate Bishop Bolsters CANA

6 Charles Chapman Grafton
Second Bishop of Fond du Lac
By Richard J. Mammana, Jr.
In 1900, Grafton’s actions caused a furor in parts of the Episcopal Church when he invited a number of non-Anglican bishops to participate in the consecration of Reginald Heber Weller as coadjutor Bishop of Fond du Lac.

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9 Unity Is Costly
By Tony Clavier
Justice matters more, we are told, than communion; or, perhaps if we are in another place, “salvation” matters more than koinonia. The seduction of such positions enables us to justify and extol our “place” over against those we deem to be in error.

11 A Primer on Christian Worship

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