N.T. Wright’s Via Media of Sanctification - December 19, 2010

4 General Synod Sends Covenant to Dioceses

6 N.T. Wright’s Via Media of Sanctification
By Elisabeth Rain
What happens in the time between your baptism and your funeral? We know we die, eventually, but what about the rest of life? What does the New Testament teach about the change that happens to Christians over the course of our lives?

9 Reshaping Ecumenical Theology
Reviewed by C. Christopher Epting
One of the Church of England’s leading ecumenists, Dr. Paul Avis, has given us another fine book on today’s ecumenical movement.

catholic voices
11 Staying on Mission and in Communion
By Gavin Dunbar
The mood was surprisingly hopeful, and even irenic, at a recent Communion Partners conference.

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12 Sunday’s Readings
13 Letters to the Editor
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